Two people both wearing t-shirts printed with Stand with Ukraine in front of a background of Ukraininian flag colors

With what is happening in Ukraine, many people, including us, feel the urge to help and show their support. If you want to make a statement for Ukraine and donate for the people there at the same time, get an item from our “Stand with Ukraine” collection.

You Buy, We Donate

So, how does it work? Spreadshirt pays us a commission for every item we sell through them. If you buy an item from our “Stand with Ukraine” collection, we take that commission and donate 100% of it to an organization that provides humanitarian support to the people in Ukraine or helps Ukrainian refugees. Let’s help together!

Make a Statement – Show Your Support

To reduce shipping costs and carbon dioxide, please place your order at the Spreadshop closest to where you are located. You can choose between our North America & Australia Spreadshop or our store for Europe. Thank you for your support!

Blue hoodie printed with Stand With Ukraine
Yellow t-shirt printed with Stand with Ukraine

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