Frequently Asked Questions

Spreadshirt Shop

Why are there no items in the shop but it's saying "No articles in Shop. Please rebuild cache."?

This is a glitch on our end that we apologize for. This happens when we synchronize our Spreadshirt shop with Spreadshirt’s inventory. Items should show up again approximately an hour after we started the synchronization process. If you run into this issue, please try again a little later.

Not all or none of the items I put into my shopping basket show up. What can I do?

You can usually fix this by refreshing your browser’s cache. On Windows, press F5 to do it. On a Mac use Command+Option+R, or hold down the Shift key and then click the refresh button.

Why are the prices of the items in my shopping basket showing different prices than on the shop page itself?

This can happen if you’ve put items from both the North American / Australian shop and the European shop into your basked in the same session. The system can experiences a hiccup in such a situation. Please empty your shopping basket completely, refresh your browser cache with F5 on Windows or Command+Option+R on a Mac. After that, only put products from one of our local shops into your basket. Buying items from both stores at the same time doesn’t work.

Can I buy items from both the North American / Australian shop and the European shop?

Generally, yes you can. You cannot, however, buy products from both shops at the same time. You need to make separate purchases in each shop. Please note that, depending on where you want your items shipped to, shipping costs might vary significantly between the two shops.