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Key Points: Daily intentions are a powerful tool. They can help you reach your goals faster. You can set daily intentions for every area of your life. How many intentions you pick for each day is really up to you, although I don’t recommend more than three. You want to focus on your intentions, and you can only focus on so many things. So, it’s absolutely reasonable to pick just one intention per day. You’ll benefit much more from following through with just one intention that you stick to than wanting to implement three intentions you never act on.

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What are Daily Intentions and Why are They so Powerful?

An intention is something you want and plan to do and formulate as a positive, motivating statement. It’s like a pointer towards the direction you want to go in your life. Intentions aren’t goals. Instead, they show you the way towards your goal. This, of course, implies that your intentions should be aligned with your goals and support them. So, what does that mean?

For example, if one of your goals is to write a book, a helpful daily intention would be, “Today, I will dedicate 5 hours to focused writing.” Or if you want to work towards having a more positive outlook on life, which is a goal, one of your daily intentions could be, “Today, I will be grateful for even the smallest things.”

When you set an intention in the morning, you are committing to yourself to follow through with what you want to do. It’s like a promise you make to yourself. It reminds you of your goals and your “why.” Why you are doing the things you do, their purpose, and their meaning for your life.

Set your daily intentions, and let them guide you like a compass on your journey through life.

Daily Intentions Examples for a Healthier Lifestyle

Too often, we forget to take good care of our bodies and health. Be more mindful about how you treat yourself with these daily intentions.

  1. Today, I will fuel my body with healthy food only.

  2. Today, I give my body all the exercise it deserves and needs to be healthy and function at its best.

Daily Intentions Examples for More Mental and Emotional Balance, Calmness and, Peace of Mind

Every day we get bombarded by external stimuli. Some of them trigger positive emotions within us, others negative ones. But we can actively set our minds to overruling these emotional reactions. These daily intentions examples are designed to inspire you to take control of your thoughts and your emotions.

  1. I will keep calm today, no matter what life presents to me.

  2. Today, I will remind myself to be patient and not rush things. I will enjoy the process.

  3. I will remind myself today that nothing should be taken too seriously. Everything flows, and tomorrow, things might be looking very different again already.

  4. Today, I will be grateful for even the smallest things in life.

Daily Intentions Examples for Increased Self-Esteem and a More Positive Self-Image

The way we talk to ourselves determines what we believe about ourselves. Take control of your beliefs with daily intentions that encourage you to believe in yourself!

  1. Today, I will believe in myself. I’m confident in my abilities and skills.

  2. Today, I will do the things I want others to inspire to do.

  3. Today, I will spend some time alone with myself and enjoy my own company.

Daily Intentions Examples for Deeper Connections With Others

A lot of our life is tied to interactions with other people. Often, we make our mood dependent on their actions, or we lose patience with the people around us. Set intentions to improve your relationships with others and to keep your own peace of mind in the process with the following examples.

  1. Today, I will find a diplomatic and humble way of communicating with others, even if I know I’m right and they are not.

  2. When I get upset with someone today, I will remind myself what this person means to me before I react or reply.

  3. Today, I will be compassionate with others and show them kindness.

  4. Today, I will be forgiving both others and myself.

Daily Intentions Examples for Loving Relationships

Especially when we’ve been together with our partner for a long time, we sometimes get dragged into daily routines. We become less attentive and focus our energies on other things in life. This can take its toll on our love relationships. Don’t let it get to that point but keep showing your partner what they mean to you with these daily intention ideas.

  1. Today, I will be very attentive when my partner tells me about their day.

  2. Today, I will ask my partner whether there is something special they would like to do on the coming weekend and plan for this.

  3. Today, I will tell my partner how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

  4. Today, I will tell my partner how much I appreciate the little things they do for me every day.

Daily Intentions Examples for Growing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

If you want to grow personally, leaving your comfort zone is essential. Stepping into new territory is exciting, and sometimes it frightens us a bit, even if totally unwarranted. Overcome the fears that hold you back by setting powerful daily intentions to motivate you to take that next step in your growth journey.

  1. Today, I will embrace every new challenge as an opportunity.

  2. Today, I will try something new that I’ve always wanted to do but that I’ve put off because I was too afraid to do it.

  3. Today, I will give my best and accept criticism as a chance to grow.

The best way to insure you achieve the greatest satisfaction out of life is to behave intentionally.

Deborah Day, Be Happy Now!

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