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Key Points: Prime yourself to have a successful, productive and positive day with this guided morning meditation. This meditation helps you clear any negative blocks that keep you from having a successful day by focusing you on your positive traits. Listen to this every morning to increase your productivity and to fill yourself with gratitude.

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Transcript of this Guided Meditation for a Positive, Productive Day

Introduction to this Guided Meditation for Having a Positive, Productive Day

Hi, this is Julia. Welcome to this guided morning meditation that will serve as a hypnotherapy session for you to prime yourself to have the most beautiful and productive day. A day that takes you one step closer to your ideal life vision.

Make yourself comfortable. You can lie down or sit up, whichever feels best to you. Just try to make sure your spine is extended and your neck and your legs are aligned to it.

You may want to uncross your legs and also your arms.

Let your body release any tension and feel your muscles grow soft and relaxed.

Induction to the Guided Meditation for a Positive, Productive Day

Close your eyes if it feels good, and slow down your breathing. Take a slow, deep breath in and hold it for a moment before you let it go, and try to make your exhale even longer than your inhale. Find a rhythm of breathing that feels good to you, and notice the fresh air traveling down inside your body every time you take a deep breath in. This is the universe infusing you with new positive energy for the day.

It fills you up from your very core, from deep inside your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self.

Feel all this new energy flow through your body. Feel all your cells being infused with this powerful energy. This energy is your bond with the universe, and it reminds you that everything is connected, that everything in this universe is just another aspect of the same thing.

Deepening the Meditation

You are a part of the universe and as such you have the power to co-create reality. With every thought, you fuel the creation process. Remind yourself of this all day long.

Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts create your emotions.

Your emotions drive your actions.

And your actions create your day.

Day after day your thoughts create your life.

So, allow yourself to let go of all negative thoughts and emotions you might have experienced yesterday and before that.

Release them into the past and watch as they fade away.

Remind yourself that everyone you have ever met is also just another aspect of the universe.

You are connected. If someone hurt you or wronged you, try to look at it this way: The universe tried to teach you something through them. It is your job to figure out what it is and how to grow from it, and how to become even stronger and more resilient than you already are.

Send forgiveness and compassion to that person, and heal yourself by letting go of any negative emotions.

Visualize anything that stands between you fading away into the past.

And let them fade away as well if you feel like this is the best thing to do.

Priming Yourself for a Positive, Productive Day

Today you make a fresh new start, and this new day is waiting for you to discover all its amazing life-changing opportunities.

You are mentally and emotionally strong and you know that you can overcome any obstacles life might throw at you today.

Whatever happens, happens for you to learn and to grow from it. You embrace challenges. You are confident and you trust in your abilities to find solutions. You are grateful for your abilities and all the other good things in your life.

Think of all the wonderful things in your life, even if they might seem simple.

Just think how great it is to have running water in your house.

How warm your bed is at night. The fact that you have a bed.

You can heat your room in the winter to keep you warm. You have food and you are secure.

Take a few moments to think of all the other things you are grateful for, like your family, friends, your job, something nice somebody did for you, and whatever else you can think of. Fill yourself with gratitude.

You love that you are starting this morning with a positive mindset, and you can’t wait to go out there and get things done. You are the kind of person who takes care of things, who makes a difference. The kind of person who makes things even better than they already are. You know what you want from life and you know what you have to do to get it.

Identifying the right actions to take comes easy to you. Intuition is your inner compass, and you make the best decisions.

Today you decide to have a wonderful day.

Today is a new opportunity to be positive and happy, to connect deeply with the people you love, and it is a new chance to fall in love with yourself.

Because you love yourself, you are able to give so much love to others as well.

You are loving and caring, and you are lovable. You are enough.

You are perfect with all your imperfections, and the world needs your uniqueness.

Nothing can hold you back. You are powerful, and you have so much to give to the world, and the world has so many things to give back to you. All you need to do is keep your mind and your eyes open to see all the beautiful synchronicities that happen for you every day. Every day you get better at recognizing these synchronicities, better at recognizing how the universe communicates with you. And when you recognize such a perfect synchronicity, thank the universe and act on it. This is a new chance, a new opportunity.

You are looking forward to this new day and to everything it has to give to you, and to everything you can give to it yourself.

Your abundant creativity and ingenuity will make this day amazing. This day is going to be amazing because you DECIDE that it is going to be amazing. You have the power to create your life.

Take a few moments to mentally go through your day, from right after this meditation to when you go back to bed in the evening.

Focus on all the great things that are going to happen today, like that wonderful hot shower you are going to take,

the smell of your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning,

the smiling faces of your family greeting you at the breakfast table,

or your motivated colleagues at work, that productive business meeting you are going to have,

the flavorful food you are going to eat for lunch,

how smoothly your afternoon flows,

the fulfilling time you spend with your family and friends,

and your relaxed evening followed by a wonderful night of restorative sleep.

But now is not the time for sleep. You’re eager to get up and to seize the day. So, open your eyes and embrace this new day with everything you’ve got. Make it yours!

See you soon.

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